Height: 6' 4"
    Weight: 190 lbs.
    Year Turned Pro: 1994
    Aliases and Past Gimmicks: "Kid Lightning"

    Signature Moves:
    - Wide Variety of Martial Arts Kicks
    - High-Flying: Frogsplash, Moonsault, Top Rope Spin Kick
    - Handspring Elbow: Like Tajiri
    - STUnami: Rolling Blockbuster
    - The Shiznit: Chicken Wing Facelock Submission and Suplex
    - STUplex (2nd Rope Suplex to Inside/Opponent on Apron)
    - Tiger Bomb (Chicken Wing Suplex to Powerbomb)

    Finishing Moves:
    - Exploder
    - Menace Driver (Reverse Suplex into Spinning Michinoku Driver)
    - M.T.S. (Vertibreaker)
    - Fecalator (Flipping Tamikaze from the 2nd Rope)
    - Decapitator (Diagonal Van Terminator/Opponent in Tree of Woe)

August 16, 2001 - Longtime local fan favorite "Kid Lightning" is called out to the ring by a man who obviously doesn't belong in a small town like Maryville, Tennessee. That man was Rob Yublind, accompanied by his own personal cameraman, STU. Rob Yublind's purpose was simple: he saw the talent in Kid Lightning and offered him a bag full of money to become his manager. Lightning, being the confident babyface, politely turned down the offer. However, Rob and STU didn't take "No" for an answer...

Lightning and his partner (Crack Angle) were paired up to go after the tag team titles. Rob Yublind and STU stayed at ringside and interviewed Kid Lightning...DURING THE ENTIRE MATCH. When Lightning was in the ring, he was getting the job done, unlike his partner who got his ass kicked by the other team. Eventually, Crack Angle had had enough of Rob Yublind's antics and left the ring to mouth off to him, leaving Kid Lightning, his partner, high and dry. After being defeated, Lightning scolded his partner for not having his back. With Rob Yublind's money bag in the back of his mind and the STUcam right in front of his face, Kid Lightning knew what he had to do...

Kid Lightning viciously attacked his partner and left the arena with Rob Yublind and STU to a chorus of boos. Kid Lightning had died and was gone for good, but a superstar was about to be born.

In one week's time, Rob Yublind repackaged Kid Lightning, giving him a more marketable and distinctive look. Along with this came a new sense of confidence and a new vicious streak. Years of not being appreciated and being held down by ignorant, racist promoters were fuel to a fire that raged deep inside the wrestler formerly known as Kid Lightning. No longer would he drown in a sea of mediocrity while trying to achieve greatness. Now, he WAS greatness. Now, he was MENACE.

Legend has it that Rob Yublind and Menace toured every continent in the span of one week and won world titles on every one of them (including Antarctica). Menace was awarded the MULTI-CONTINENTAL NEW GENERATION JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. After this staggering achievement, Menace returned to Tennessee to settle some unfinished business and proceeded to destroy every opponent that got in his way.

With training in martial arts and a knowledge of Japanese and lucha libre styles, Menace has incorporated a variety of original maneuvers into his repertoire. Menace his known for his lethal kicks and unique submission manuevers, but his variety of finishers are a thing to behold. Among these are the Eclipse, the Menace To Society (M.T.S.), and best of all, THE DECAPITATOR. Menace sets his opponent up in the tree of woe while Rob Yublind places a chair in front of his face. Menace goes to the opposite side of the ring, diagonal from his upside-down prey. STUcam takes his position...Menace leaps and clears the entire ring planting both feet into the chair, crushing his opponent's face. Professional wrestling has never seen anything like it...and probably never will again.

Menace, along with manager Rob Yublind and STU (collectively known as Team Greatness), are clearly out to make an impact in the world of professional wrestling. Whether it be teasing the rats with the Menaceconda or pummeling the likes of a Kidd Krazzy, Menace has proven himself to be a champion's champion. Whenever you see the name "Menace" booked on a wrestling card, you are guaranteed to witness greatness firsthand.

After five months, Menace split from manager Rob Yublind but took stuCAM with him. Although it seemed as if Yublind was out to exploit the talents of Menace, it was actually Menace who used Yublind's money and influence to spread his name across the wrestling world. Since donning the mask in August of 2001, Menace has wrestled for PWF Mid-South, PWF, CZW, and NWA Wildside promotions, just to name a few. The future is definitely looking bright for the Blackanese Assassin.