Misogynists often reveal many things about their own sexuality. Their attitudes, formed by mass media and consumerism, are an attempt to show their "dominance" as men in society. Bonding is about two guys spying on a girl, engaging in mental masturbation, talking until their words become meaningless and incoherent. Talking about what they would like to do the woman across the street... or maybe, what they would like to do each other.
"Words. The only controversy surrounding this film has to do with words. Words used as dialogue between two males. Dialogue that was not scripted. Dialogue that is profane, frank, explicit, brutal and disturbing. Dialogue that is used everyday in real life in similar situations. Art is often censored for a variety of reasons: violence, nudity, sex, rape, racism, religious themes, drug use... this film contains none of those. Just words."


Bonding (2003)
Directed by Wash Rogers
Sound by Ralph Garrett
Cast: Rob Bennett, Kenneth Stephens, Sarah Hinkle


University of Tennessee (2003)
KMA Film Festival (2003)
Secret City Film Festival (June 2004)


Bonding or: Penises are Weapons of Mass Destruction
This presentation of Bonding is preceded by a short documentary entitled Too Minutes Too Long featuring interviews with the cast and director Wash Rogers about the controversy surrounding the film.
WARNING: This film contains explicit language.