About the Film

Transmissions is a collection of abstract and experimental short films, documentaries and abstract visual/sound art pieces created by Brass Knuckles Productions. Originally screened in an unfinished form in 2004, the film was re-edited and released in its complete and intended form in 2014.
"Yes, you saw alien heads."
The film is a collaboration between filmmakers Brian Greer and Wash Rogers over a ten year period.


Secret City Film Festival (June 2004)
Knoxville Museum of Art (selected shorts, 2004)
Community Television of Knoxville (2005)
15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival, Winner, Best East Tennessee Film (Escape, 2005)


Transmissions: The Complete Broadcast
Directed, Produced and Edited by Brian Greer
Co-Directed by Wash Rogers
Original Score by Brian Greer
Sound by Brian Greer, Wash Rogers, Ralph Garrett
Additional Crew: Ralph Garrett, Angela Dick
Cast: Rob Bennett, Kenneth Stephens, Ai-Lun Wu, Chelsea Cooper, Kaylee Cooper, Sammie Q. Hawkins, Tim Hawkins, Brian Greer, Wash Rogers, Sarah Hinkle, John Ackerman Jr., Shawn Farrar
Films by Wash Rogers: Dormir, SueySideSlide, Memoirs, AlphaMaleUterus, Farm, Coffin, Strange Air, Consumption, Fence, Physiological Peregrination, Gestation
Films by Brian Greer: Vortex, No Answer, XY, LePig, Test Pattern, VoE, Escape, Decaying (White Noise)
Not Rated - Intended for Mature Audiences
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